Before Arena Rock, There was Lewisohn Stadium

Lewisohn Stadium in 1915

Outdoor concerts are a perennial summer pastime for New York City residents, and perhaps none is more beloved than the New York Philharmonic’s traveling summer series to the parks throughout the boroughs. Before the series began in 1965 (and which for a time included visits to Long Island and elsewhere), the Philharmonic held a longstanding residency at Lewisohn Stadium, a Greek-style amphitheater and athletic facility owned by the City University of New York. I looked into its remarkable history in the February 2021 issue of BBC Music Magazine.

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Lincoln Center’s $2.4 Billion Impact on New York City

Lincoln Center Plaza

Broadway theaters have been assiduous about promoting their value to New York City’s economy, releasing annual reports and other data on their audiences’ ticket-buying habits, demographics and consumer preferences. These are then used as evidence of Broadway’s role as a major economic engine, helping advocates lobby city and state governments for tax breaks and other incentives. Continue reading “Lincoln Center’s $2.4 Billion Impact on New York City”

Map: Famous Composer Homes in NYC

Manhattan (credit: flickr/luvi)
Manhattan (credit: flickr/luvi)

New York City’s apartment buildings, hotels and tenements have provided both shelter and inspiration for some of history’s leading composers. Check out the May 2020 issue of BBC Music Magazine to see where composers from Mahler and Bernstein to Ives and Cage have called home across the city’s boroughs.